The new frontier of dermopigmentation.

The new FutureColor pigment line ensures: stability, performance, safety and quality.

All pigments are mixable with one another, making them greatly appreciated by the professionals in the field who can obtain a vast range of colors, without having to buy a great number of pigments.

Every substance in the pigment has been thoroughly selected, tested and purchased with maximum purity. The high technology production process ensures the elimination of any and all contamination, guaranteeing the purity of the product and the highest level of sterility.

Pigmenti Per Trucco Permanente e Semipermanente Dermatek. Acquista sul nostro sito i migliori pigmenti per dermopigmentazione.

FutureColor include specific lines:

Pigmenti Per Dermopigmentazione Dermakte. Acquista la nuova linea di pigmenti professionali per trucco permanente e semipermanente.


Pigments group

FutureColor pigment powders are selected by quality and micronization and finished with technological processes and thorough quality checks, thus making Dermatek pigments among the best in the world. 

Safety is of relevant  importance for Dermatek and for this reason the pigments do not contain any traces of Nickel (nickel free), and traces of heavy metals are almost non-existent, close to zero. There are no fragrances or preservatives in order to avoid any possible allergies.

Dermatek puts safety above all, and because of this, FutureColor pigments are biocompatible and of pharmaceutical quality.