tricotek's products

Brand new and innovative technology designed to satisfy the most demanding professional, in the most advanced Tricopigmentation techniques.


The Tricotek pigment line, specific for Tricopigmentation, guarantees: stability, performance, safety and quality. The concentrated and high-density blend, thanks to the hot working process of the pigment molecule, ensures a subtle and intact result even after healing.

The pigments are all mixable with each other, leaving the operator free to reach the perfect grade color, the powdres are selected for quality and micronization and processed with technological procedures. Safety is of considerable importance for Dermatek and for this reason the pigments do not contain any trace of nikel (nikel free) and the traces of heavy metal are almost ckise to zero. There is no presence of frangrances, preservatives and aromatc amines, to avoid possible allergies.


NB. It is important to diluite them with about 20% of our Fluid thinner.

The cartridge is designed to be hygenic, sterile and, above all, a disposable device. During the worlk phase, needle and tube are assembled together to facilitate the preparation of the equipment, as well ensuring hygiene and safety.

1 Point Micron Tricotek: specific needle for super thin tricopigmentation techniques, ideal for hairline and parietal reconstruction.

1 Point Liner Tricotek: high precision needle to be used to give a greater perception of the PPC from the midscalp area to the vertex area.

 3 Points Liner Tricotek: essential needle to create a three-dimensional and realistic effect.