Dermatek disposable and sterile needles are specific for permanent make-up, dermopigmentation, microneedling, tricopigmentation, paramedical and artistic tattooing.

They are among the safest and most precise on the market and comply with all current safety regulations, having obtained CE certification.

Design with non-slip grip system and anti-reflux membrane system.

The stroke remains precise even after the final result and they are gentle and non-invasive during the procedure. The wide range of Dermatek needles includes 3 specific lines: ÈLITE, PROFESSIONAL AND UNIVERSAL.


Èlite Needles Line

Dermatek ELITE needles are still the best on the market today, and specific for permanent make-up, dermopigmentation, paramedical, trichopigmentation and microneedling (meso).

Their precision and lightness make them ideal for fine lines, shading and all types of treatment. ELITE needles fit the Dermatek PRECISION handpiece and others on the market.

Universal Needles Line

Dermatek UNIVERSAL needles are universal needles.

Dermatek’s commitment has been to produce them at a very reasonable price while maintaining the high quality, safety and precision that distinguishes our products.

UNIVERSAL needles have a universal coupling and can be mounted on most of the handpieces on the market.

Professional Needles Line

Dermatek PROFESSIONAL needles are of the highest quality and specific for permanent make-up, dermopigmentation, paramedical, tricopigmentation and artistic tattooing.

Their stability and sharpness makes them perfect for thin, firm and persistent strokes in all types of treatments.

PROFESSIONAL needles fit exclusively on Dermatek’s NO LIMITS and FREEDOM handpieces.

dermatek needles

The cartridge is designed to be a hygienic, sterile and most of all disposable device. When at work, the needle and the tube, mounted together, ease the preparation of the equipment as well as ensuring hygiene and safety.

Dermatek range of needles includes every different type of needle for different techniques and procedures.