Dermatek needles are the world’s fist needles with an internal soft anti-vibration structure. Created, patented and designed by Dermatek, they guarantee zero obscillations and complete needle stability.

The stroke stays neat and precise even in the final result, and they’re delicate and only mildly invasive throughout the procedure.

Dermatek’s needle range includes 15 types of needles for any type of permanent make up and dermopigmentation procedure.

Ideal and safe even for the most demanding professionals.

Dermatek needles are among the safest and most accurate in the market, compliant to all current safety regulations, having obtained the CE certification.

They’re the world’s fist needles with an internal soft anti-vibration structure. 

Design, manufacturing, sterilization and quality controls are all strictly performed in Italy.

They are extremely precise and soft, granting high quality performance and they are used by the best dermopigmentists in the whole world.

Dermatek eedles

dermatek needles


The cartridge is designed to be a hygienic, sterile and most of all disposable device. When at work, the needle and the tube, mounted together, ease the preparation of the equipment as well as ensuring hygiene and safety. The “Lisa One” range of needles includes every different type of needle for different techniques and procedures.