The new FutureColor pigment line guarantees stability, performance and safety. All the pigments can be mixed with one another and allow for an infinity of shades. FutureColors are biocompatible and of pharmaceutical quality, they do not contain any traces of heavy metals, iron oxides and aromatic amines, no presence of fragrances or preservatives as to avoid any possible allergy and they are nickel-free.

FutureColor pigments include specific lines:

FutureColor PLUS Eyebrow, eyebrow blend, ideal for both the fur-to-pile technique and for shades.

FutureColor Lips, lip blend, ideal for all dermopigmentation and permanent make-up techniques.

FutureColor Ultra, the ultra line features a high-density and concentrated blend, its heart processing firm, and makes the pigment molecule indissoluble. In the hyper-realistic techinique the hair remains thin and intact even after healing is complete.

FutureColor Blading, the blading line is recommended for microblading treatments and was developed to meet the requirements of the world's best professionals. With its extremely high pigment concentration and specific density, it is specific for this particular application method.

FutureColor Eyes, it offers a unique coloration with a formula that allows it to last longer and not be subjected to color turning, producing detailed and high quality results after the right application.

FutureColor Tricotek, it brand new and innovative technology for the most demanding professiional, for the most advanced Tricopigmentation techniques. It is necessary to diluite them with about 20% of our "Fluid" diluent.

FutureColor Skin e Areola, new and innovative blend, designed for the most demanding professionals on camouflage, corrections and aesthetic areola tattoo techniques.

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