Our Services

Dermatek has several operating rooms for permanent make up and dermopigmentation treatments, managed with the greatest professionality directly by International Master Anna Taraborrelli. We only use highly professional, sterile and disposable products.

We can guarantee total safety in our services, strictly following every hygienic regulation, as well as offering a thorough pre-treatment briefing.

For the complete safety of our customers we make sure all needed information is provided before making any decision.


Permanent Make Up is a cosmetic tattoo, that is a treatment based on the injection of pigments beneath the skin, aimed at improving outer appearance or correcting skin blemishes. Permanent Make Up is a treatment that is performed using professional, sterile and disposable products, within regulated booths that are spacious and elegant.

Permanent Make Up has a varying duration, depending on the skin type and the subject, on the age and other variables. It can lost from 12 months up to 18-24 months.

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Make Up are exactly the same thing, as they both refer to the same treatment. There can be doubts relating to the use of the term “permanent”, which implies the treatment is “forever”, and can not be erased. Truthfully, “permanent” in this case means that something “lasts” for an indefinite amount of time that is still limited, and does not necessarily mean “everlasting”.

Dermatek provides its clients with several services:
  • Eyebrows
    • ✓ Hyper-realistic hairstroke technique
    • ✓ Pencil effect shaded technique
    • ✓ Mixed shading + hair technique
  • Eyes
    • ✓ Graphic eyeliner
    • ✓ Superior infra-eyeliner
    • ✓ Shaded eyeliner
  • Lips
    • ✓ Watercolor effect lips
    • ✓ Shaded “gloss” effect
  • Microneedling
Pmu eyebrows
Pmu eyeliners
Pmu lips