The Base Course is the first fundamental step towards the path of permanent make up. It is recommended for beginners and open to anyone with the will and the determination to pursue their own goals.

The student will be led to learning the permanent make up techniques on highest demand by the final customers, and that is techniques for the eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Each technique is taught by the International Master and International Dermatek Academy founder Anna Taraborrelli, a teacher with over 10 years of experience in the field of dermopigmentation and permanent make up.

By the end of the course, the student will already be able to work with ease, performing high quality eyebrows, eyeliner and lip treatments.

Who it is for

The Base Course is aimed at anyone who’s looking for a complete and professional education in the field of eyebrow, lips and eyeliner permanent make up; no previous experience and no particular competence is required.
The Base Course allows you to learn the most recent techniques to offer your customers, in order to enter the world of dermopigmentation as a professional.
The Base Course grants you a comprehensive and extremely professional education.

Course duration

The Base Course consists of two 4-day-long sessions, amounting to a total of 8 days.
The first session (4 days) is focused on theory and practice on a synthetic material.
The second session (4 days) is divided in:

  • ✓ Day 1: Review and practical exercise, preparatory drawing.
  • ✓ Day 2-3-4: Practice on model.

Every day’s hours are from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM. An agreement with local Hotels is available for those who require an accommodation.

✓ What I will learn with the Permanent Make Up Base Course

During the span of the Base Course many required topics to begin this type of career will be handled, specifically those that will be studied in depth witll be:

✓ Hygienic-sanitary protocols and infectivology.

✓ Preparatory drawing.

✓ Color theory and in-depth study of all dermopigmentation and permanent make up pigments.

✓ Marketing advice.

✓ Much synthetic material practice.

During the span of the course, the student will learn and practice four different dermopigmentation techniques:

  • EYEBROWS – “HARMONY” hairstroke technique
  • EYEBROWS – “DEB EYEBROW” shaded technique
  • EYES – superior infra-lashes
  • LIPS – “WATERCOLOR LIPS” watercolor effect

The student will also have the chance to perform 6 different treatments on a model (that the student themselves will provide) in the last three days of the course. The treatments on the model will include:

“DEB EYEBROW” EYEBROWS, “HARMONY EYEBROWS”. (2 treatments, as in 1 Deb Eyebrow and 1 Harmony).

  • SUPERIOR EYES INFRA-LASHES (2 treatments).
  • WATERCOLOR LIPS (2 treatments).

✓ Consumable products

All the required consumable material for theory and practice will be entirely provided by the Dermatek Academy.


Among the best and most efficient in the world, the devices manufactured by Dermatek and recommended for the Base Course are two: Lisa One Dermograph and Lisa One Basic Dermograph.
The course can be purchased on its own but Dermatek provides an important offer for those who will decide to purchase COURSE + DERMOGRAPH together, and you can read more about this in the PRICES section of this same page.


For the course, it is fundamental that the students provide themselves one or more models to perform all six face treatments on.

(PLEASE NOTE: should one or more models be missing from the course, the student will lose the chance to perform treatments, but will still be allowed to assist her class mates, WITHOUT A CHANCE TO PERFORM THE TREATMENT AGAIN AT A LATER DATE). It is also to be remembered that:


  1. Allegedly or certainly pregnant women.
  2. Women in the breastfeeding phase (it’s recommended to wait at least a week after the end of the breastfeeding phase).
  3. People with diabetes.
  4. People who use vasodilator medicines (i.e. heart medicine, aspirine, etc).
  5. People with scar or keloid formations issues.
  6. People with SERIOUS heavy metal allergies.
  7. People with allergies to latex or similar.
  8. People with Herpes simplex or zoster;
  9. People with dermatitis, psoriasis, acne or rashes.
  10. People currently undergoing chemo or radiotherapy.


  1. People suffering from H.I.V. or B/C Hepatitis;
  2. People currently going through a menstrual cycle (it is not recommended because the increased blood loss leads to a minor chance that the color will last in the skin, but it is not strictly forbidden).


The cost of the course, including all educational materials and equipment for practice, is 1.690,00 € + taxes. There are two promotions available for those who would like to purchase the course + the equipment together:

COURSE + DERMOGRAPH PROMO (LISA ONE KIT): 2.900,00 € + taxes, which includes:

  • ✓ €1.690,00 + taxes (course price)
  • ✓ €2.260,00 + taxes (“Lisa One” Dermograph Kit cost)

for a total amount of 3.950€ +taxes which, discounted of 1050€, become 2.900,00 € + taxes.

DERMOGRAPH + COURSE PROMO (LISA ONE BASIC KIT): 2.600,00€ + taxes, which includes:

✓ €1.690,00 + taxes (course price)
✓ €1.690,00 + taxes (“Lisa One Basic” Dermograph Kit cost)
for a total amount of 3.380€ + taxes which, discounted of 780€, become 2.600,00 € + taxes.

✓ Diploma

At the end of the course, the coveted International Dermatek Academy certificate of participation will be awarded, and that is a valid certificate in order to perform professional dermopigmentation if one is already in possess of a beautician diploma. Those who are not official beauticians yet will first have to attend a qualifying regional course, where the hours spent in our headquarters will still be counted towards the total required hours of practice.

✓ Pre- and Post-Course assistance

You will receive personal assistance in order to help you choose the course best suited for you, thorough support throughout the course and a constant presence of the teacher, even after the training process, when you will first be facing your own treatments.
We’ll stand by you with our experience.

✓ Our Teacher

Our Base Course is held by International Master Anna Taraborrelli, international teacher of Permanent Make Up and founder of Dermatek’s International Academy. Anna is a teacher with over a decade’s worth of international experience in the field of permanent make up, she is the developer of numerous protocols and innovative techniques for permanent make up and dermopigmentation, as well as taking care of management, research and design of all products.

✓ Sign Up

In order to sign up for the course it is required to carefully fill out and sign the application form, after carefully reading the rules. Subsequently the payment of the deposit is required, and that is 305,00 € (250,00 + taxes), which is non-refundable. Finally all that is required is to send a copy of the application form and an invoice of the successful payment to the email address or via WhatsApp to the number +39 335 53 95 627.

✓ Contact Us

Dermatek Academy is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM and is located in via Po 113, San Giovanni Teatino (CH), Italy.
For information and clarifications please refer to the following contacts: