The Eyeliner Course is ideal in order to learn the shaded eyeliner technique developed by International Master Anna Taraborrelli and called Samble Ombrage.

✓ Who it is for

The course is aimed at anyone who’s already a permanent make up professional and is looking to include among their services an innovative highly professional services that ensures high level results.

Course Duration

The eyeliner course has a duration of 1 day.

The day’s hours go from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

What I will learn in the Eyeliner Course

In the Eyeliner course you will learn the shaded eyeliner technique developed by International Master Anna Taraborrelli and called SABLE OMBRAGE.
During the course you will perform preparatory drawings and practice over synthetic material, attemd a live demonstration by our Master and learn the base notions regarding eyeliner, specifically: differences between classic and shaded eyeliner, differences between the various forms of Eyeliner, eye shapes, the right techniques for each shape and type of face, what the risks of a badly performed treatment are.

✓ Consumable Products

All consumable products required for theory and practice will be entirely provided by Dermatek’s Academy.

✓ Equipment

Each student will have to provide their own equipment (including needles when not compatible with our own).

✓ Prices

The cost of the course is € 400 + taxes.
The cost for those who will sign up for the course within 2 weeks before the start of the course will be of € 350,00 + taxes, that is with a discount of € 100,00.

✓ Diploma

At the end of the course, the coveted International Dermatek Academy certificate of participation will be awarded.

✓ Pre- and Post-Course Assistance

You will receive personal assistance in order to help you choose the path best suited for you, thorough support throughout the course and a constant presence of the teacher, even after the training process, when you will first be facing your own treatments. We’ll stand by you with our experience.

✓ Our Teacher

Our Advanced Course is held by International Master Anna Taraborrelli, international teacher of Permanent Make Up and founder of Dermatek’s International Academy. Anna is a teacher with over a decade’s worth of international experience in the field of permanent make up, she is the developer of numerous protocols and innovative techniques for permanent make up and dermopigmentation, as well as taking care of management, research and design of all products.

✓ Signing Up

In order to sign up for the course it is required to carefully fill out and sign the application form, after carefully reading the rules. Subsequently the payment of the deposit is required, and that is 122,00 € (€ 100,00 + taxes), which is non-refundable. Finally all that is required is to send a copy of the application form and an invoice of the successful payment to the email address info@dermatek.it or via WhatsApp to the number +393355395627.

✓ Contact Us

Dermatek Academy is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM and is located in via Po 113, San Giovanni Teatino (CH).
For information and clarifications please refer to the following contacts:

+390854213674 or