Dermatek combines the knowledge of the best professionals in the world of Permanent Make-Up, Paramedical Dermopigmentation, Tricopigmentation and Meso, with the know-how of Italian electronic engineering.

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 Every product created and sold by Dermatek has been thoroughly thought out, planned and developed in collaboration with engineers and small artisanal companies.


Anna Taraborrelli

With her decade long experience as operator and international teacher within the field of dermopigmentation and permanent make-up, Anna is a kind, accurate and determinate professional. Founder, director and teacher of the Dermatek International Academy, with particular attention to teaching. As a professional in the area, she is also the creator and developer of various protocols and permanent make up and dermopigmentation techniques. She takes care of the aspects regarding technique, research and development of all products.

Domenico Taraborrelli

Dynamic, resourceful and headstrong. He has been in the field of commercial sales and company management for thirty eyes, entering the commercial area of dermopigmentation about 15 years ago. He was the one to guess the huge potential of this sector, and , most of all, that there was still a lot to be developed and innovated. He then created Dermatek, to better express his abilities and intuitions, in fact the heart of Dermatek can be found in the great dynamism and innovation in all its aspects.

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